Eighty percent of East Africa’s rural population depend on agriculture for their livelihood, yet there is no affordable, dependable and locally available transportation that guarantees
inputs get to farmers and crops get to market. Introducing the Basic Utility Vehicle…

Basic Utility Vehicles (BUVs) may well be the missing link in transportation needs for rural
East Africa and its agricultural sector. Not only do BUVs provide the perfect solution to rural Africa’s transport needs by getting crops to market and inputs to farmers, they also enable local entrepreneurs to launch transport companies that serve underserved communities. Rugged, strong, durable and affordable, the BUV is a perfect fit for Africa’s farm needs.

The BUV was designed by the US-based Institute for Affordable Transportation, (IAT.) Together, IAT and BUV Tanzania recognized Africa’s need for an affordable, rugged rural transport vehicle, and rose to the challenge of manufacturing BUVs in Arusha, making it the first manufactured vehicle in Tanzania. Response to the incredibly efficient and effective vehicles has been outstanding with local customers and government officials praising BUV Tanzania’s product. Observing BUV’s in action over the last few years (the many benefits they bring owners, and the communities they serve) has confirmed that this is indeed a timely and much needed tool to boost the agri sector.

Continual design improvement over the past decade has made the BUV affordable and extremely well adapted to the challenges of rural terrain. The price point might be higher than the lighter modes of transport, but the ability to carry 800+ Kgs allows it to pay for itself many times over. The BUV has measurable advantages that justify a cost differential. Heavy duty diffs and springs allow the BUV to carry significantly more weight. Materials are stronger, therefore more durable and lasting. In muddy/slippery conditions the BUV has better clearance and traction, giving it a distinguishable advantage on rural roads and tracks.

BUV’s fare better economically over tractors and 4×4 pick-ups, both in initial purchase cost and in running expenses. With 20kms per 1 liter of diesel carrying 800kg, the financial benefits for “last mile” haulage are dramatic. (“Last mile” refers to the gap areas between crops and markets etc where rural areas lack well maintained roads that stay open in all seasons.) BUV is a simple vehicle, easily maintained with many parts locally sourced through ordinary auto spare shops. All spares are stocked and ready
for delivery from the BUV Tanzania.

Transport challenges are one of the biggest hindrances to the growth of East Africa’s agricultural sector. Providing a powerful, sensible, affordable vehicle to navigate this challenge greatly enhances the sector and region as a whole.

Read more about BUV Tanzania, by downloading the PDF version here:⇒ BUV Tanzania