The Tanzania Forestry Service Agency (TFS) cautioned charcoal dealers in the nation of not shipping a charcoal sack of more than 50 kilograms.

TFS cautions any individual who will break the laws will be subjected to fines as stipulated by the Weight and Measurement Act.

Speaking on Saturday at the horticultural Show (Nanenane) the TFS Information Manager, Glory Mziray, said the Law asked charcoal brokers to stick to the laws.

She included that merchants and other wananchi, who are ignorant of the laws to visit TFS offices.

A charcoal dealer in Dodoma, Rashid Maulid, said it was hard to watch the law in light of the fact that the majority of them had no measuring scales.

“Where would I be able to get a measuring scale so I can offer charcoal of 50 kilos? They will capture a considerable lot of us if there are no systems to empower us to watch the law,” said Maulid.