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East African Agritech Startup Harnesses Biogas and Traditional Crops for Sustainable Impact

by Grace Kisembo

Sistema bio, a rapidly growing East African Agritech company is revolutionizing smallholder farming by offering innovative solutions that address key challenges like poverty, food security, and climate change. Operating across Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia, the company has empowered over 10,000 farmers and impacted over 60,000 lives.

Sistema bio’s core offering is its affordable and accessible bio digesters. These simple yet powerful systems convert organic waste into clean biogas, shielding farmers from rising conventional fuel costs. The company’s commitment to affordability starts at just Ksh3, 000 ($18.69) per month, providing a comprehensive package including financing, installation, and training in local languages.

Sistema bio’s impact goes beyond technology. Over 75% of their end-users are women, and the company actively addresses the economic and health challenges they face in agriculture. This focus on women’s empowerment contributes significantly to the overall success and sustainability of their model.

With an ambitious target of reducing 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, Sistema bio is not only transforming lives but also making a significant environmental impact. Their bio digesters have already mitigated over 160,000 tonnes of CO2 and produced an annual biogas volume exceeding 36 million m³.

Recognizing the potential of traditional African leafy vegetables for improving food and nutrition security, Sistema bio is involved in the

project. Funded by SIDA, this project focuses on Nakuru and Kisumu Counties in Kenya, where knowledge gaps hinder the production, management, and utilization of these nutrient-rich vegetables.

To address this knowledge gap, a co-created training manual was developed with input from county agricultural extension officers and partially supported by FAO. This manual, written in simple language and featuring pictorials, empowers agricultural extension workers, farmers, traders, and consumers.

The training manual tackles key areas like improved production practices, food safety, and cooking methods. This holistic approach aims to enhance the productivity and utilization of traditional leafy vegetables, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and nutritious urban food system.

By harnessing innovative technologies, empowering women, and focusing on traditional knowledge, Sistema bio is setting a new standard for sustainable agricultural development in East Africa. Their impact on the lives of farmers, the environment, and food security makes them a company to watch in the Agritech space.


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