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Astore Keymak introduces new water management solutions

by Grace Kisembo

Astore Keymak, leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of superior quality, reliable thermoplastic products, proudly announces the addition of dragline, garden hose and plastic valve boxes that are suitable for applications in the agricultural, irrigation, mining and residential market sectors.

“A notable growing demand in these markets for irrigation equipment and hose systems that guarantee performance and reliability, prompted us to manufacture dragline and garden hoses in-house,” said Managing Director of Astore Keymak, Shenton Botes.

“South Africa is considered as a water-poor country and it is most unfortunate that a significant portion of fresh water is lost annually due to hose and pipe leakages,” notes Botes.

As an environmentally responsible company, Astore Keymak has specifically designed its dragline and garden hose range to counter water loss issues in the irrigation, mining and agriculture industry. With working pressures of 6 bar/600 Kpa and 7 bar/700Kpa respectively, these dragline and garden hose solutions deliver superior environmental and performance benefits by ensuring more sustainable water management in irrigation and agricultural practices.

The robust, flexible and easy-to-handle high-pressure PVC hoses perform well in stringent working conditions and incorporate several features that boost reliability and extend service life:

  • A high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inner liner, outer cover and added longitudinal reinforcement with polyester yarn for extra durability and minimal stretching
  • Excellent abrasion and cut resistance
  • A fluted outer surface for reduced drag resistance
  • UV stabilised Hose with no degradation
  • Service temperatures range from 10°C to 60°C

Astore Keymak dragline hoses offer a 5- or 10-year design life option and are available in 12.5mm-25mm ID Ø in standard coil lengths of 30m, 50m and 100m. The garden hoses have a 6-year design life and are available in 12mm-20mm ID Ø in standard coil lengths of 15m and 30m. All hoses are compatible with all existing hose fittings on the market and can be specially embossed to suit customers’ requirements (based on minimum order quantities).

“We supply our Astore Keymak dragline and garden hose range to well-known, reputable distributors and hose companies that are focused solely on high quality and reliable products and have been well-received by the market,” affirms Botes.

Astore Keymak is now also supplying a complete range of plastic valve boxes that can accommodate all start components of an irrigation system.

“The addition of these valve boxes aligns with our strategy of being a single source supplier to meet the requirements of the various market sectors,” adds Botes.

Available in round and rectangular designs, the valve boxes are supplied with a cover to help prevent the ingress of dirt, debris and pests into irrigation systems when placed underground. The risk of clogs and blockages which can potentially damage the valves are reduced, ensuring that the irrigation system works seamlessly. Manufactured by Italian company Irritec based in Sicily, the valve boxes are light-weight, easy to install and access. The green lid blends in with the surroundings, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Astore Keymak product solutions are supported by a skilled team of trained specialists who offer expert technical support and excellent after-market service.

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