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East Africa embraces Green Legacy

by Grace Kisembo

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared that the East African countries have been included in this year’s green legacy initiative, and Ethiopia has prepared over one billion seedlings for its neighbours to ensure regional prosperity. The Premier made the remark while unveiling the 2021 green legacy scheme, which was themed “Let’s Make Ethiopia Greener.”

Noting Ethiopia’s intertwined fate with its neighbours, Abiy said that the country purses the principle of cooperation, not competition in relations with the East African nations. The plan to expand the green legacy to East Africa also showcases Ethiopia’s vision for prosperity that would be cascaded to its neighbours.

Agriculture Minister Omar Hussein said on the occasion that 7.7 billion seedlings are prepared for this year’s Green Legacy initiative whilst 6.6 billion are going to be planted in home. According to him, over one billion seedlings are made available to Eritrea, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya.

In his tweet before the launching event, the PM said that “As Ethiopians, our lives are strongly intertwined with trees and forest. Preventing flooding, food insecurity, environment-related conflicts, and other adverse effects is in our hands.” “When I call upon all Ethiopians to ‘Adorn Ethiopia’ the call is to cover our nation green to see beyond lines of divisions-region, ethnicity, religion sex, and in unity let us dress Ethiopia with prosperity and dignity the people of this great nation deserve,” he added. Over 25 million people are expected to partake in this year’s Green Legacy program that runs from May to September 2021, it was learnt.

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