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Government in Tanzania recovers ten Privatized businesses

by Grace Kisembo

The Tanzanian specialists declared on Thursday the repossession of ten privatized ventures after they had been torpid for a long time.

Charles Mwijage, the East African country’s Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, welcomed intrigued speculators to apply for new obtaining of the ventures, including that the legislature will recover other undeveloped enterprises by August 22.

Mwijage said the repossessed businesses as Lindi Cashewnut Processing Plant, Pugu Kaolin Mines, Mkata Saw Mills Ltd, Manawa Ginnery Co. Ltd, Dabada Tea Factory, Tembo Chipboards Ltd, Kilimanjaro Textile Mills, Mang’ula Mechanical and Machine Tools Co. Ltd and Polysacks Company Limited.

“Speculators for the repossessed ventures will stay in charge of ensuring the particular manufacturing plants until the point that they authoritatively hand them over to the Treasury Registrar in the not so distant future,” the clergyman told a news meeting in the political capital Dodoma.

“The fifth stage government is extremely resolved to resuscitate execution of neighborhood businesses for two great reasons. To begin with is to make new work and second is to expand generation of merchandise for both neighborhood utilization and fare advertise,” said Mwijage.

He cautioned proprietors of five different ventures and gave them a beauty period to August 22 to remedy shortcomings or restore the production lines to the administration.

They were Sabuni Industry Ltd in Tanga, Tanzania Moshi Pesticides Limited, Tanzania Bulk Corporation, Ilemela Fish Processing Limited and Mzizima Maize Milling.

The repossession of the enterprises by the administration comes barely five days after President John Magufuli requested the pastor to recover them.

Talking amid a function to dispatch Kilimanjaro Cement Company in Tanga on Sunday, President Magufuli unveiled that there were 197 lethargic businesses in the nation.

“We committed errors when we privatized the businesses,” said Magufuli.

On July 27, the legislature said it has begun searching for financial specialists to create ventures which it has repossessed from speculators who deserted them after privatization.

Mwijage said the administration has begun a procedure to welcome genuine speculators, accomplices and markets from these nations.

“The administration sold these enterprises to private financial specialists with a view to creating them. Be that as it may, the vast majority of the ventures have been relinquished,” said Mwijage.

“We will repossess the torpid enterprises and hand them to genuine financial specialists from nations, for example, China, Vietnam and India. They can’t stay sit still while the administration is pushing for the industrialization drive,” included Mwijage.

Elli Pallangyo, Investment and Research Director in the Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investment, said the deserted ventures will be repossessed by August 15, this year.

Pallangyo said out of 156 enterprises which were privatized in the vicinity of 1992 and 2004, an aggregate of 54 ventures stayed torpid after they were privatized.

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