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Groundnuts have the proteins you need.

by Grace Kisembo

Groundnuts are commonly grown in the western, eastern, central and northern regions of Uganda   and they usually thrive under moderate weather conditions and are classified according to their varieties.

In Uganda, red Valencia (the red beauty) and Virginia (white groundnuts) are the commonest.

The protein content found in groundnuts is impressively more than any other foodstuffs like meat.

According to Patrick Mutagubya, a nutritionist in Wakiso, among other food values found in groundnuts, it contains 7.8g of proteins.He adds that the proteins in groundnuts are balanced and they compose of fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth and development.

Mutagubya explains: “Amino acids produce important substances in the body like hormones that regulate metabolism”.

However, since 1962, groundnuts production has been having a steady growth especially after the export market was introduced in Uganda. Many farmers have since benefited from growing the crop, especially after new varieties were introduced.
Currently, the demand for the crop is high with the supply low. As a result, many Ugandan traders are currently shipping in groundnut products from Malawi through Tanzania.

Traders attributed this shortage to the changing weather and diverse market (east African market).

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