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Rwanda, Uganda cattle auctioned in Tanzania

by Grace Kisembo

Tanzania has announced plans to auction 10,000 cattle seized from Uganda and Rwanda – minister

Luhaga Mpina, Livestock and Fisheries Minister said the domestic animals are in Tanzania illegally.

Mpina has allayed fears that Tanzania’s actions has potential to taint its relationship with its its EAC neighbours.

Tanzania authorities have seized more than 10,000 head of cattle from Uganda and Rwanda that were found inside Tanzania’s borders.

The livestock action was announced in parliament during discussion on Tanzania’s national development plan for 2018/19.

The government recently auctioned 1,325 head of cattle owned by Kenyan herders and Nairobi officials formally protested to Tanzania over: a policy shift that condones hostile actions against Kenyan citizens and their business interests”.

Tom Amolo, Kenya’s Political and Diplomatic Secretary in the Foreign Affairs ministry, criticised Tanzania’s decision to burn chicks imported from Kenya as well as auction animals from Kenyan herders without involving authorities in Nairobi.

The Kenyan Maasai community also reportedly recently seized at least 4,000 head of cattle from Tanzania, ostensibly in retaliation.

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