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Tanzania, Namibia Aim to Cultivate Closer Economic Ties

by Grace Kisembo

Windhoek crackled with the energy of opportunity yesterday as Tanzania and Namibia convened their first-ever business and investment forum. While the bonhomie between the two nations is undeniable, as underscored by Tanzanian High Commissioner Ceasar Waitara, a frank acknowledgement hung in the air: strong political ties haven’t blossomed into proportional economic growth.

This inaugural forum, however, signaled a potent shift in gears. With agriculture and fisheries identified as the fertile ground for future prosperity, delegates from both sides tilled the soil of opportunity. The forum served as a vibrant marketplace for ideas, fostering business-to-business and government-to-government dialogue.

Imagine Tanzanian maize swaying gently in the Namibian breeze, or Namibian fish gracing Tanzanian tables. This forum wasn’t just about economic exchange, it was about cultivating a future of shared abundance. The unearthed potential for collaboration extends beyond these sectors, encompassing tourism, infrastructure, and trade as a whole.

The seeds of economic cooperation have been sown in Windhoek. Now, both Tanzania and Namibia must nurture them with focused policies and a commitment to shared prosperity. Only then can they reap the harvest of a truly flourishing relationship.

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