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The 7th edition promises to be a revolution in the African agribusiness industry.

by Grace Kisembo

“7th Africa Agri Expo 2024” – A premier agriculture event is back again in Nairobi, Kenya in the coming February, connecting Africa’s thriving agribusiness sector to the global market. It is organized by the TAB group and held under the distinguished patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development in Kenya.

This expo will serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and showcasing innovations in the agricultural industry. The event will see policymakers, industry leaders, agripreneurs, technology providers and investors from around the world converge at Sarit Expo Center to form strategic dialogue for the needed agricultural transformation in Africa.

The event aims to touch base upon the entrepreneurial spirit and Start-up Ecosystems in Africa, Digital Transformation in Agribusiness, Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Climate Resilience, Value Addition and Food Processing, Access to Finance and Investment and much more to attract capital for agricultural development, infrastructure and support for small-scale farmers.

The exhibition and Speaking Slots are getting filled up fast. This week, the show confirmed Auxilfe Scientific Limited, VV Agro, SAB Spa, Eurofert, and Barrix Agro along with many top industry players like Rokosan, DeHaat, DVA, NSSPL etc. from around the globe.

In addition to this, the show has garnered support from various county governments and related associations like the Agrochemical Association of Kenya, Kenya Investment Authority, Agriculture Sector Network, World Food Programme, Africa Agricultural Technology Foundation, Women Farmers Association of Kenya, etc. which in turn has encouraged local participation.

Daniel Nzonzo, Head of Corporate Communications – National Irrigation Authority Kenya when asked about his previous edition’s experience and anticipation for the successive one said, “We had a very nice experience in the last Expo and are looking forward to a more interactive and fruitful engagement again. As an institution, we have taken the Government approach of engaging private partners in Irrigation Development in Kenya very seriously and will be looking forward to meeting potential investors keen to invest in Irrigation Development in Kenya under the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) model.”

“The show is good three months far yet the responses we are getting are tremendous. Every other day, we are joined by an innovative company bringing in their expertise through their tech-advanced products or solutions,” said Alqama Arif,  Project Manager – AAE 2024.

“Looking at this, we are hopeful that 80% of the exhibition spaces will be occupied by the end of this year, let’s hope for the best.” continued Alqama.

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