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Hungary eyes Uganda’s agriculture potential

by Grace Kisembo

Hungary has announced intentions to help Uganda modernise tourism, agriculture, water management and cyber security.

“All over the world, we are known for innovations in agriculture, in water management and cyber security,” said Dr Dancs Ferenc, the Secretary of State for International Cooperation at ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary recently in Kampala

Dr Ferenc said Hungary is waiting for Uganda to tap into its niche expertise.

Gordon Wavamunno, Uganda’s consular to Hungary said all the high end fabrics sold in USA, UK, Italy and other European capitals are manufactured from Hungary.

“They have computerized farms with over 300,000 chicken, you will find square miles of maize gardens that feed both livestock and human beings,” said Wavamano urging Ugandans to go learn and transfer the skills local.

Government intends to invite Hungarians to come and take advantage of existing potentials in horticulture where they can produce in bulk assorted fruits, coffee, cut flowers, vegetables and fish among others.

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