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Kenyatta family’s Brookside Dairy announces plan to grow market.

by Grace Kisembo

Kenya’s largest milk processor, Brookside Dairy, has announced a four-year plan to further cement its market leader position in the packed milk market.

The dairy firm, in which the Kenyatta Family is a major shareholder, Thursday, launched two new yoghurt flavours under its Delamere brands.
Brookside acquired rival milk processor Delamere about a decade ago in its expansion quest.

The firm’s marketing director Oliver Mary on Thursday said the firm plans to double sales in the next one year to clinch a bigger share of the market, with more products set to be launched soon.

“We plan to make a lot of investment including branding through aggressive media advertisements and billboards in the city to extend our lead in the market which now stands at 67 per cent. There is no major competitor so far but we want to be indisputable leaders in the market by 2021,” Mr Mary said.

He said Delamare brand will remain a key Kenyan brand but there plans to expand other regional yoghurt brands like Uganda’s Dairy Fresh.

Brookside remains a major player in the regional milk market after a series of brand acquisitions that leaves the firm a top the formal milk market above the New KCC and Kiambu-based Githunguri Dairy.

The three largest processors now control about 85 per cent of the market, according to analysis by Egerton University’s Tegemeo Institute.

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