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Tanzania Food Processors cautioned on law adhering

by Grace Kisembo

The Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority(TFDA) has cautioned food processors in Kigoma region to adhere to safety and quality requirements.

TFDA Western Zone Manager, Dr Edgar Mahundi made the remarks during a one-day training in building capacity to entrepreneurs involved in the supply of food products.

According to media reports, Mahundi emphasised on the safety standards to be followed to safeguard consumers lives.

“The training is a wakeup call for entrepreneurs to comply with the law to ensure that the consumers’ health is protected lest their business will be banned,” he said.

The training is designed to aid food processors to know what is deemed lawful in their business undertakings, recognise products to be place in today’s free trade market and in general, attain growth as businesses.

Mahundi said that non-compliance with the sanitation and food security law poses risk to customers being affected by epidemics including cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases and at this point medical check-up for food vendors also emphasized.

Meanwhile, Kigoma District Commissioner, Samson Anga said that before the training government through the districts council has been taking a number of steps on sanitation and food security management.

Anga has since sternly warned that law enforcement will be intensified after the training as entrepreneurs found breaking the law will be brought to book.


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