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Uganda applauds Zoetis for animal health initiative

by Grace Kisembo

Uganda’s minister of  State for Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries Lt Col Dr. Rwamirama Bright Kanyontore has applauded Zoetis the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for animals for its African livestock Productivity and Health Advancement (A.L.P.H.A) initiative expected to be a game-changer in enabling sustainable livestock production.
Speaking in Entebbe at the A.L.P.H.A initiative five year celebration, the minister celebrated Zoetis for its efforts in controlling animal health across Africa.
“It is important for the issue of animal health to be taken serious,” said Kanyontore citing that the increasing population of the continent needs heightened sustainability in animal health.
The minister further said Uganda is committed to the improvement of animal health and ready to partner with Zoetis for more initiatives going into the future.
Kristin Peck, the Chief Executive Officer of Zoetis assured the continent that A.L.P.H.A will be a springboard for the company to do more.
“This is just the beginning and we are more than willing to grow our business, on the continent,” said Pack adding that the company’s intentions is to build a safe and reliable food value chain, through ensuring good health of animals through quality vaccination and on time diagnosis.
Zoetis’ work is expected to lead to reduced poverty for communities, improved malnutrition, gender equalities and partnerships for sustainability.
She further highlighted that the company will be seeking to build more partnerships across public and private sector on the continent.

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