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Kenya’s bread basket under threat from Army Worms

by Grace Kisembo

The deadly Fall Army worm has been detected in various regions in the country, but the government is assuring that it may not have a big impact on crops due to the ongoing rains.

Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Researcher Director General Eliud Kireger told the media that the worms detected so far are still not in their productive stages and can still be contained before they cause havoc in farms.

Kenya’s bread basket in Rift Valley is among regions affected as well as Taita-Taveta, Kwale in the Coast as Western regions of Kakamega and Bungoma counties.

The fall army worm which was also detected in neighbouring Uganda originates from North and South America and is usually dispersed by wind and burrows in maize stems and cobs making it extremely difficult to be detected and can destroy thousands of hectares within days.

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